In addition to the supplies listed below, we also carry rug hooking books, kits, a wide variety of patterns, some blades for cutters, and finished rugs. If you wish to order by mail, shipping is extra. We carry gift certificates.

To view Moose River patterns, go to:
Patterns are available on burlap or on linen (at an extra cost).

We carry a line of whimsical folk art patterns by artist Karla Gerard.

Knit a basket for felting using our Uruguay Merino yarn.

We also carry beautifully hand-crafted spool knitters. $18.00

We have a selection of Pro-Chem dyes.

We also stock Magic Carpet dyes.

magic carpet dyes

Item Price
     primitive unbleached linen (60 ‘’ wide) 35.00 per yard
     traditional linen (57 ‘’ wide) 35.00 per yard
     primitive bleached linen (60’’ wide) 35.00 per yard
     rug warp (60 ‘’ wide) 25.00 per yard
     Scottish burlap (60 ‘’ wide) 25.00 per yard
Yarn and Fleece
     Uruguay 100% Merino yarn hand-dyed 12.00 per skein
     Briggs & Little Heritage yarn 100% wool 5.49 per skein
     fleece gumball sampler 5.00 (small) ; 8.00 (large)
     Briggs and Little roving 12.00 per roll
     all new wool (Dorr Mills) 57 ‘’ wide 35.00 per yard
     Heavens to Betsy wool 35.00 per yard
      recycled wool 1.00 per oz.
      dyed wool (1/4  yd pieces) 16.50
Dye Equipment
     Cushing dyes 4.75
     Majic Carpet dyes
     individual Majic Carpet dyes 7.50
     Pro-Chem dyes (1 oz) 4.95
     dye spoons (set)
Binding Tape
     1 ¼ ‘’ – natural, black, beige, red,  brown, etc. 1.00 per yard
     1 ½ ‘’ – black 1.25 per yard
     2 ‘’ – black or white 1.50 per yard
     gripper strips 49.00
     Ice scissors 25.00
     tapestry needles (set of two) 5.00
     magnet 4.50
     Miller pencil hook 38.00
     Hartman hooks: bent handle, medium, primitive 35.00
     diFranza 15.00
     Cushing 15.00
     Locally hand-made hooks 25.00 – 40.00