Finishing – An Innovative Technique

2012 June 13

Here you will find a simple and innovative way to finish your rug:

A Simple Way to Keep Work off the Floor

2012 April 16

Elizabeth rolls up the corners of her mat while in progress and simply ties an elastic band around the corners to prevent the backing from hanging on the floor. Very clever and simple.

Keeping Yarn Organized

2012 April 16

John McBride has a clever way of keeping his yarn organized when hooking…

Hiding Ends of Wool Strips

2012 April 7

In this blog posting, Gene Shepherd shows how you can hide wool ends.

Gene Shepherd: Hook a Round Shape

2012 March 25

Gene Shepherd: Hooking Corners

2012 March 25

“Pinterest” Collection Worth a Visit

2012 March 25

Check out this link for an excellent compilation of photos and links for inspiration.

This collection of photos and links has been assembled by Rebekah Fowler.


Protect your Rug from Theft

2012 March 25

Here is a great tip from

Before completing your rugs, using a permanent marker, write your name on one corner of the backing (use the same corner for every rug).  Then continue hooking your rug, covering your name.  If you ever have your rug stolen or if you ever have to prove that it is yours…you can pull out the hooking to reveal your name written on the backing!  Hooking your initials into your rug with wool or embroidering your name on the rug binding tape isn’t as effective anymore.  Someone can simply pull out your initials and re-hook the rug, or they could pull off your binding and replace it…but they certainly can’t erase your name from the backing…in fact, they wouldn’t even know it was there!

What a great way to organize and carry wool strips.

2012 March 25

Check out this great way to organize and carry wool strips – thanks to Nancy for showing us this!



Eliminate Static on your Cutter

2012 March 18

Does your wool get caught on the cutter wheel because of static? If so, run a Bounce“™” dryer sheet through your cutter and the problem will be resolved.

SHIBORI Dyeing: A fun and easy way to dye.

2012 March 11

Wanda Kerr of The Welcome Mat mentioned a technique for dyeing named Shibori on her website. We wrote out directions (along with a few illustrations) to make this process clear. It is a lot of fun and so easy! Here is a link to the directions along with a few recipes.
Shibori Dyeing (a downloadable two page PDF guide)

Marrying Wool

2012 March 3

Do you have recycled wool but find the colours too harsh. Try “marrying” the pieces together. Put the wool pieces in a pot of water with a squirt of liquid soap. Heat the water until it is almost boiling and then let it simmer until the wools start to bleed colour. The wools will release some of their colour and start to blend and become less harsh. When you are satisfied with the new colours, add a few glugs of vinegar and simmer for an additional 15 – 20 minutes. Cool and rinse. The result will be pieces of wool that can be used together as they have taken on colour from each other and are now somewhat complementary.

Summer Dyeing

2011 July 25

Do you hate to see your flowers dying in the garden? Try adding a variety of flower petals to your dye pot. Simmer the flowers for about 30 minutes. Strain the flower matter out of the dye and return the dye to the pot. Add presoaked wool and bring to an almost- boil. Simmer for about 45 minutes or until the wool is one or two shades darker than you think it should be. Cool, rinse thoroughly, and dry the wool.